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Transglutaminase is used for improving quality and texture of milk products. Also, it decreases syneresis and increases the output of ready-made products by 15-25%. Transglutaminase decreases manufacture cost through reduction or elimination of functional supplements and reduces immunoreactivity of milk proteins.

There are many advantages using transglutaminase. Modified by ferment, proteins and peptides improve the taste, flavor, appearance, consistency and texture of fermented milk products. Also, viscosity and gel strength are increasing, taste is becoming creamy as well as creaminess of consistency of the yogurt with low content of fat is improving. Protein matrix of curd and its mechanical endurance are strengthening, the structure is becoming denser, and so shelf-life of the product is prolonging. Unique feature of products containing transglutaminase is a palate of fullness and smooth velvety texture.

Using transglutaminase increases moisture-retaining power of the product. As a result of binding the relics of peptides or glutamine and lysine proteins, high-molecular compositions are forming, that influence the structure and functional features of proteins. Thus, viscosity of the product is increasing while syneresis is decreasing. It also helps you to prolong shelf-life of the product.

Due to binding of whey proteins, the output of ready-made products increases, as well as their biological value. It is especially relevant in making such products as cheese and cottage cheese, because the technology of their production is connected with pressing operation and, as a result of it, milk whey is splitting. When transglutaminase is used, catalytic binding of denatured whey protein with casein occurs, and it helps to keep valuable whey protein in the product and avoid its losses. As a result – the output of ready-made products increases by 15-25%, nutrition value of the product increases too, also modification of organoleptic features and rheological properties of ready-made products occurs. Appearance of the product is improved, cottage cheese becomes more granulated and friable, and shelf-life is prolonged.




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It is recommended to use transglutaminase while making yogurts, kefir, sour milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheeses and ice-cream. High specificity of effect and natural occurence of transglutaminase provides eco-friendliness of the products and helps to avoid unwanted effects at final stages of technological process.

Using transglutaminase helps you to decrease (in some cases – avoid) a fraction of emulsifiers and stabilizers, or at least increase its effectiveness, and also decrease the amount of proteins. It allows you to decrease the product cost and, at the same time, increase number and quality of ready-made products in the output. It is especially relevant when talking about cottage cheese. Binding of milk proteins by transglutaminase is a good alternative to stabilizers or adding protein to nonfat yogurt. And it also leads to decreasing expenses on production.

Products, which protein was modified by transglutaminase, have much less immunoreactivity. It should be noted, that this effect is highly appeared in case of β-lactoglobulin, which is the most common and strongest allergen.


    Transglutaminase is used for restructuring of meat products, improving organoleptic and structural mechanical properties. It also provides positive economic effect and increases the output of ready-made products. Transglutaminease can be used in making new products as well as low-calorie ones. Reduces or eliminates the use of functional additives.


    Transglutaminase allows you to expand the range and reduce losses in production. It is used for making big fish stakes from small pieces. Also, it can be used for improving stability, color and hardness of ground fish, and for making crab sticks or surimi imitation shrimp.


    Due to extra moisture transglutaminase increases the output of ready-made products. It improves quality, structure, softness and elasticity of the batter in bakery products, increases dough elascticity for pasta. Also, it helps you to improve texture when using unriped or unspoiled flour. Moreover, it increases shelf life, slows down staling process, decreases chance of sticking and reduces content of gluten.



    Through much research and various experiments, our specialists have reached the ideal taste, col-or, and stable consistency of Alpental fillings. High thermostability of fillings guarantees resistance to heating and baking process (up to 260 degrees Celsius), to the cooling cycle and defrosting cycle (during shock or any other freezing up to -40 degrees or more, as well as during thawing), main-taining the consistency and shape, that are not absorbed into the dough and do not dry out.


    Transglutaminase is approved by many countries, including the US, Europe and Japan. It is widely used in molecular cuisine, with the help of Heston Blumenthal, who has popularized this particular ingredient.